Delta Chi White Party Vegas

Deltona Beach

Delta Chi's annual registered Deltona Beach party draws thousands from USC and surrounding schools for a wild and wet day. We are always looking for new events to add to our packed social calendar, such as "Emergency", the first and only two-night registered party on record at USC.


Each new semester begins with an "invite" - a semi-formal event where brothers take a date to some of the hottest venues in Los Angeles.


Every spring, the brothers travel to Sin City for an outrageous weekend at world famous resorts on the Las Vegas strip. Delta Chi formal is an experience unlike any other.


Delta Chi regularly holds exchanges and mixers with sororities on the Greek Row.


Each fall, Delta Chi always partakes in the proud Trojan tradition of Homecoming week, partnering with a sorority to celebrate USC athletics.

If you have any questions about the upcoming social semester, please contact our social chairs.